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thewoodman llc is the New York area's best supplier of premium kiln-dried firewood and cooking woods, charcoal and other wood products.

We are a local business based in the Bronx and we are always available by phone at 718-554-3251 or by email at

We offer a complete range of firewood and other wood products, including:

  • kiln dried firewood, delivered and stacked loosely or in convenient 0.75 cubic foot bundles;
  • specialty cooking woods, including cherry, hickory, oak, and other mixed hardwoods for use in wood burning ovens and in grilling and smoking; and
  • specialty smoking woodchips, currently including apple, cherry, oak, hickory, mesquite, and maple.

We also supply our customers with premium hardwood lump charcoal, premium hardwood sawdust, and other wood products.  In addition, we carry Woodhaven firewood racks, the best rack available.  Click here to go to our firewood accessories page.