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Residential Firewood Delivery

thewoodman offers year round firewood and cooking wood delivery to our residential customers in the New York area, including Nassau and Westchester counties, portions of Rockland County, and lower Fairfield County, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey.

For the majority of our customers, we recommend our premium kiln dried firewood, sixteen inches in length and available in bulk (stacked loosely) or in convenient .75 cubic foot bundles. Our kiln dried firewood is insect free, guaranteed dry and clean, extremely easy to light, and is comprised of mixed hardwoods – primarily oaks and maples complemented with beech, ash, cherry and birch.

Other customers prefer our specialty woods for cooking purposes or for use in the fireplace.  Currently, we offer oak, hickory, cherry, apple, maple and olive woods.

To start your fires, we offer premium fatwood kindling, available in 4 lb. and 10 lb. bags and in larger quantities as well. The 10 lb. bag is generally sufficient to last through a face cord of wood, and the 4 lb. bag is sufficient for up to a ½ face cord.

We also can build or assemble wood racks to store your firewood, and we carry a number of fireplace accessories. Please check our firewood accessories page for more information.